Sunday, July 11, 2010

Future Plans/ Interview with Nick Arthur

Hello Everyone!!! I want to thank you for taking the time to come to this page or our facebook and educate yourself! We also just made a YouTube channel so please check that out!! The Houston Free Thinkers have been getting a great response from everyone we come into. The people are interested and want to know more. We are in the middle of a collective awakening. The question still remains, though, will we be able to educate enough people in time to change the direction our world is going? Or will the masses remain ignorant and let The Globalists destroy us all? We decide.

Thats why we are attempting to reach out online to everyone in anyway possible. Currently there are two different bills making their way to becoming law, that would effectively hand the president the power to shut the internet down in the case of a national ermergency. We need to mobilize, radicalize and get active!! They are moving very fast and we must respond in kind. As much as we appreciate the response we are getting online, we want to stress that The Houston Free Thinkers is intended to be a physical group out here in the real world.

We are looking for people who can commit one night every couple weeks to get together and discuss important issues and organize different methods of educating people. So please get in touch either on here, email, or facebook to let us know you're interested!!! We also have been hosting Bi-Monthly "Protest by Presence" at the local branch of The Federal Reserve, as well as trying to organize film showings and other methods of getting out on the streets and meeting other like minded individuals!!!

We will also be reporting from Washington D.C. during the weekend of September 11th for Unite in Action and The Oath Keepers bi-partisan March on D.C. So we have alot of things coming up and we need your help!! We work full time and do apologize for the lack of updates occassionally. The links to the right are always good sources of information when we are slacking!!!

Recently, political deathcore band, Molotov Solution rolled through Houston and The Free Thinkers were lucky enough to score an interview with vocalist, and lyric writer, Nick Arthur. Molotov Solution has been playing their brand of politcally charged, informative metal around the country since 2004. Nick has been educating through his straightforward, intellectual lyrics with the band since 2008. We asked him a few questions and here is what we got.

What got you into politics/ being aware of the NWO?

Do the majority of your fans understand the message behind the music?

What are the 3 biggest threats to global freedom?

Do you have any book or video recommendations?

Words of Advice/ Final Message from Nick

Thanks again to Nick for taking the time to speak with us!!! I think whether or not you enjoy their style of music, you can appreciate the lyrics and the fact that they are doing their part to educate people about whats really going on!!! Thanks everyone, till next time...


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