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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Houston, Are You FREE?

Happy New Year, Houston!!! One year ends, another begins. As you celebrate with friends and family the coming months, ask yourself what is it you want this year? As you take joy in the fresh start, a chance to do things different, take notice how much has changed in the past year. The Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 was passed in late 2009/ early 2010, which allows the government to order individuals to buy insurance. Whatever you think about the bill, the fact that it is going to be used to force the citizens of the country to buy a product is a step in the wrong direction.
AS we speak the Food Safety Modernization Act is on its way to be signed by Barack Obama. This bill gives the FDA sweeping powers of the food supply. At the airports the Department of Homeland Security's airport goons, the TSA, is busy groping people at the airport if they refuse to be subject to dangerous ionizing radiation. These practices are headed to bus, and train stations, as well as sporting events and schools, with new behavior predictive technology soon to be put in place. And despite what you think about who Wikileaks may be working for, the actions of Julian Assange and wikileaks are being used as an excuse to censor the Internet, and to further erode civil liberties for whistle blowers and regular citizens alike. Already within the past two years, two separate bills have been introduced which would be the beginning of setting up systems for regulating the Internet. Lastly, in November The Federal Reserve announced Quantitative Easing 2. This policy has countries around the world believing that this could be the early steps of the collapse of the dollar. So much so that a group of economists sent Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke a letter warning of the dangers of this program.

What about Houston? How did we do this year? Well, lets start with the airports. In August of this year Bush Intercontinental Airport received the body scanners. By November both Houston's airports had them, with Hobby Airport getting 4 for its single terminal. Houston decided to get rid of the red light cameras in the November election, but shortly after it was announced that The Department of Homeland Security is going to fund the installation of cameras on every corner of downtown Houston, eventually expanding to the football stadium and other local park areas. The 250 to 300 cameras will work off a system designed over the past 3 years and monitored by HPD 24 hours a day. And then in late December the Houston Police Department was spotted testing drone aircraft. This story ran recently on local news, but I found this article stating that HPD started testing them in 2007 and most likely using them in 2008. For whatever reason Channel 2 re-ran the story recently, as something new, but it seems according to their own reporting this is already happening. We most likely have drones flying silently above us, spying on our every move.

Houston, We have a very big problem.

Still though, we can't forget that this past year more and more people woke up to the secret nature of control that exists in our world. More people are searching for answers and seeing the men behind the curtain who have been hidden for so long. As a group, The Houston Free Thinkers has grown. Both online and through meeting people physically by creating and participating in events with other groups around Houston. We were part of National Opt Out Day, and several events at the Houston Fed, as well as spreading information from Houston to Washington D.C.

So where do we stand Houston?

The 9/11 Truth movement in Houston has largely stalled. What was once a massive group split into two and now splintered into many individuals looking for the next step. WeAreChange Houston seems non existent as well at this point. Houston needs education and direction. The Houston Free Thinkers is a loose network of people from all directions. We don't mean any disrespect to any other activist groups, but instead wish to extend a helping hand for anyone who wishes to be a part of this group or needs help continuing their own.

This war will not be won by one group alone. It is going to take all of us. This is going to be a big year for Houston, America and the entire world. We need people to get involved with this group and every available resource to educate your community on all the dangers we face. We need to communicate and hold meetings. We need to know we are not alone and then discuss ways to educate others and find solutions and take action this year.

Whether its Geo-Engineering, GMO's, Fluoride or other poisons in the water, the destruction of civil liberties, the creation of a police state, or truth about 9/11, we need to destroy the ignorance of our brothers and sisters. We are in a race against the powers that be, a race to educate the masses to the truth before the majority of the population is even further indoctrinated and begins spying on and turning in their neighbors for speaking of such heresy as freedom, and liberty.

Now as you look around our city and see both of our airports with body scanners, cameras going up on every corner of the city, and drones flying high above the city, you have to ask...


- Derrick Broze
Co-Founder of The Houston Free Thinkers

To be a part of the Free Thinkers either contact us on Facebook or email:

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Federal Reserve: A 100 Years of Tyranny

In December 1913 Congress enacted the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. This established the Federal Reserve System as The United States central banking system and created a new single currency, The Federal Reserve Note. This system is not "federal" by any means, nor a part of the government. It is a private banking cartel which has the power to create money out of thin air. With this power they have been slowly destroying the economy and enslaving the people for the last 100 years.

After the 1907 Panic Congress formed the National Monetary Commission to review banking policies in the United States. Three years later in November 1910 the head of that commission, Senator Nelson W. Aldrich, invited several bankers and economic scholars to attend a meeting on Jekyll Island. They met to discuss the restructuring of The United States banking system. At this meeting were Aldrich, Frank A. Vanderlip, president of New Yorks National City Bank, Representing William Rockefeller; Assistant Secretary of the United States Treasury Abraham Piatt Andrew; Senior Partner of J.P. Morgan Company, Henry P. Davison; First National Bank of New York President Charles D. Norton; Morgan Representative, Benjamin Strong; and Kunh, Loeb, & Company partner Paul Mortiz Warburg.

The system they dreamed up in their meeting was then taken by Nelson's National Monetary Commission and Suggested to Congress. Three years later a similar plan to the one the Jekyll Island Club created was passed into law as The Federal Reserve Act of 1913. Since then, The Federal Reserve and its banking institutions have been manipulating our economy, causing inflation, and panics. They keep us enslaved by currency that is created out of thin air, with built in debt, and even more disturbing is the fact that it is intrinsically worthless. Our currency is backed by nothing but debt. It is a fact, stated by The Fed itself that if all debts were paid up there would not be a single dollar, or coin in circulation.

Over the past few years, with the help of Ron Paul, and scholars like G. Edward Griffin, more people have started to realize the Federal Reserve is a private banking cartel that is independent of the government and by controlling our money supply it controls our very lives. There has never been a more important time than now to show your outrage for this system and to educate others about it. November 22, 2010 will mark 100 years since that meeting that went on to create the system that keeps us in chains. To mark that occasion we will be visiting the fed daily , walking the perimeter and taking pictures, letting them know were watching. This will lead up to The Houston Free Thinkers holding a protest at The Houston Federal Reserve Bank near downtown on Taft and Allen Parkway on Saturday November 20, 2010 from 11 - 5 p.m. Also We are Change Houston will be in attendance, protesting the crimes of the Fed.

And now today the Fed announced a plan to launch a controversial new policy, QE2. Quantitative Easing, committing to buy $600 billion more in government bonds by the middle of next year, which some analysts are saying is the beginning of the crash of the global economy.As this happens more people are losing faith in the current system of government and false left-right puppet shows. They are beginning to look for the reason we find ourselves in this current mess. If we can continue to open peoples eyes to the control The Federal Reserve System has on our lives, we can rally support and finally END THE FED.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Reigniting The Fire: Back From D.C.

Last weekend a couple members of The Houston Free Thinkers were in Washington D.C. to attend a march and rally, as well as to remember 9/11/01. We were able to initiate contact with other like minded individuals and run into some of the opposition.

First off as soon as we made it to the Houston Hobby Airport we began distributing flyer's and pamphlets regarding the Body Scanner machines being installed around the country, as well as Fluoride Flyer's, and general information about the group itself. We were able to distribute these in Houston, Dallas, and D.C.'s Airports. Not to mention every subway stop and newspaper box we could. By searching online it’s rather easy to find out where these machines are exactly, the terminals and check points.

Currently they are mainly in the international terminals. We located them at all the airports and in Dallas, I personally went back through the checkpoint to get in line for the machines. There were no posted signs acknowledging these machines were optional and they were directing everyone through them. I handed out pamphlets in line and advised people not to go through them. Before I had my chance to cause a scene and refuse the machine, they began directing everyone through the metal detector. If you are interested in learning more about the privacy concerns from these machines check out EPIC (the Electronic Privacy Information Center) and for the cancer risks check here.

Once in to the Washington D.C., Virginia, and Maryland area we noticed it seems to be a high target area for Chemtrails. There still seems to be controversy over whether Chemtrails exist and what they are. For now the government is in denial mode, but we can say for sure what we saw was not your regular plane flying over head and leaving a little insignificant trail.

These were consistent throughout the day, a small white plane flying over head and leaving trails that lasted throughout the day. If you do not know much about Chemtrails i suggest you start by researching Morgellon's Disease.

We stopped off briefly at The Pentagon Memorial. Although you are not allowed to take pictures of the pentagon at all we were able to snap a picture of the wall where something hit that horrible day.

Next we headed to the Washington Monument to meet up with everyone at this rally and march organized by 20 different organizations under the banner Unite in Action. There were about 500 or more people. We began to walk down from the monument towards the end of the National Mall. We gathered up there and then began the march back. When the march finished and the rally began we started to notice an overwhelmingly establishment, cliché phrase spouting feel. We looked around and realized that the majority of people were from various versions of The Tea Party.

We do not particularly have a problem with that, The Tea Party initially seemed like a possible contender for a peaceful revolution within the system, but as for what it is now were not sure. But Within the march we did meet some very interesting, informed people who not only see the obvious problems with the government but were also seeing past the false left right paradigm that has been created to give us the illusion of change. We met Bruce Nyznik, an independent filmmaker who is currently filming for his documentary, One Nation Under Fraud. He filmed the two of us and also gave us a short clip of his thoughts on what is happening in our country and around the world. Please check our YouTube to see that.

After this we decided it was time to move on, and as we began to leave we ran into members of D.C. 9/11 Truth, and We Are Change Maryland, making their way towards the march!! We introduced ourselves and joined forces, carrying signs and banners, across the field where the march was happening. We were not on the field for more than a minute or two when we were mobbed by a group of angry Tea Partiers, and local police. The Sons Of Liberty came to our aid though, they were all very cool dudes.

We were told we had to move off the field, and away from the rally (which the two of us had just left) as long as were holding a counter protest, or carrying any signs that could be perceived as “counter”. Perceived according to whom I am not sure. We continued on our way around the perimeter of the rally carrying signs, and answering questions to the occasional curious person. After this we headed towards the D.C. Federal Reserve and snapped this picture.

From there we made our way to The White House where we reconvened with a couple members of D.C. Truth that were still around. We found ourselves in the middle of a heated but peaceful debate. We were slowly finding ourselves surrounded by cops, and someone watching us from atop the White House.

There were many calls throughout the day of “Anti-American”, “Pro-Terrorist”, and the like. There were also “thank yous” and appreciation. The Most disturbing element of talking with the average person was the fact that when questioned if they have ever researched 9/11/01 for themselves their answer is usually something along the lines of – “I don’t need to!”, “There is no one above the government”, “The Government would never lie…”, etc. Some people have been so brainwashed by the corporate media and the establishment that questioning 9/11 has become taboo and anyone who does is a nut. Anyone willing to take the time to give themselves a history lesson can see that governments around the world, especially The United States, have a history of atrocities.

The Houston Free Thinkers reinforces the idea of approaching everyone with love, education, and tolerance. Whether they see what those of us who have taken the time to research, it is important to never shout the truth, or force it down some ones throat. What we are fighting for is for everyone to have the right to do what they want, including be ignorant.

Overall, the trip was well worth the time and effort. Houston, we are not alone. There are many educated, like minded, individuals around the country who see what’s happening behind the scenes. It is time for us to decide where we stand as a group and a city. We need to join forces with all the groups, collectives, and individuals, and educate ourselves, those around us, and seek new solutions. Check our new Flickr, and YouTube pages for more pictures and videos. Thanks again to D.C. Truth, We Are Change Maryland, Matthew Fiala, Bruce Nyznik, The Sons Of Liberty and all the other helpful people we met.

Thank You,

- Derrick Broze/ Ciana Ewing
Co – Founders of The Houston Free Thinkers

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Weekly Meetings

Hello All,
Welcome back!! The Houston Free Thinkers online membership has been growing, but as of yet physical membership is still low. We have so far held 2 meetings which have gone very well. At this point we are working on a mission statement for the group, and also working on screening the short film, "Money As Debt". A couple months down the line we are looking to hold a sizeable protest at The Houston branch of The Federal Reserve. We are also working on an anti-fluoride campaign around Houston, as well as getting close to distributing dvds on the streets.

This group is going to continue forth with education, and awareness, and our message of hope,and providing solutions for alternative ways to live. We will do this with 2 members or 200. The ardous journey we are now facing is discouraging at times, and empowering at others.

AS long as there are groups of people seeking to manipulate the rest of us for their benefit, there will be Free Thinkers. There will be those of us who want freedom and choice, and peace. So rest assured, Houston, The Free Thinkers are here to stay. So please send us an email if youre interested in joining the mailing list. Its the best way to keep up with what we are doing.

Remember this is an information war. Knowledge is power, and Free Thinkers ARE Dangerous.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Future Plans/ Interview with Nick Arthur

Hello Everyone!!! I want to thank you for taking the time to come to this page or our facebook and educate yourself! We also just made a YouTube channel so please check that out!! The Houston Free Thinkers have been getting a great response from everyone we come into. The people are interested and want to know more. We are in the middle of a collective awakening. The question still remains, though, will we be able to educate enough people in time to change the direction our world is going? Or will the masses remain ignorant and let The Globalists destroy us all? We decide.

Thats why we are attempting to reach out online to everyone in anyway possible. Currently there are two different bills making their way to becoming law, that would effectively hand the president the power to shut the internet down in the case of a national ermergency. We need to mobilize, radicalize and get active!! They are moving very fast and we must respond in kind. As much as we appreciate the response we are getting online, we want to stress that The Houston Free Thinkers is intended to be a physical group out here in the real world.

We are looking for people who can commit one night every couple weeks to get together and discuss important issues and organize different methods of educating people. So please get in touch either on here, email, or facebook to let us know you're interested!!! We also have been hosting Bi-Monthly "Protest by Presence" at the local branch of The Federal Reserve, as well as trying to organize film showings and other methods of getting out on the streets and meeting other like minded individuals!!!

We will also be reporting from Washington D.C. during the weekend of September 11th for Unite in Action and The Oath Keepers bi-partisan March on D.C. So we have alot of things coming up and we need your help!! We work full time and do apologize for the lack of updates occassionally. The links to the right are always good sources of information when we are slacking!!!

Recently, political deathcore band, Molotov Solution rolled through Houston and The Free Thinkers were lucky enough to score an interview with vocalist, and lyric writer, Nick Arthur. Molotov Solution has been playing their brand of politcally charged, informative metal around the country since 2004. Nick has been educating through his straightforward, intellectual lyrics with the band since 2008. We asked him a few questions and here is what we got.

What got you into politics/ being aware of the NWO?

Do the majority of your fans understand the message behind the music?

What are the 3 biggest threats to global freedom?

Do you have any book or video recommendations?

Words of Advice/ Final Message from Nick

Thanks again to Nick for taking the time to speak with us!!! I think whether or not you enjoy their style of music, you can appreciate the lyrics and the fact that they are doing their part to educate people about whats really going on!!! Thanks everyone, till next time...


Monday, June 21, 2010

The Bilderberg Group: A Brief History and 2010


Today's post is meant to inform those who may not know what exactly the Bilderberg Group is, and also to update everyone on their June 2010 meeting in Sitges, Spain a few weeks ago.

The Bilderberg Group is an annual meeting of Elite royalty, bankers, media moguls, and other key figures from around the world who get together for a few days each year and discuss the coming year and the state of the world.

No big deal, huh? Think again!!!

Even at the most basic level its easy to see how a group of very important, and influential men from around the world getting together to privately discuss the world and how they want it to go, and then returning back to their countries and using their influence to implement their plans, is obviously dangerous, or a conflict of interest at the least.

Even though recently the media has begun talking about the Bilderbergers, it still remains largely secretive, blocking out all media and releasing no press information. After the media has denied they even existed for so long, they are now stating that they are merely a policy think tank with no real power, and anyone who believes so is a crazy conspiracy theorist. That's important because the media and the government have always worked together to deny information they do not want public. They deny and deny until it becomes impossible to deny what everyone knows. Then they will publicly acknowledge something but still try to play it down.The next step i believe will be to officially acknowledge the Bilderberg Group's true purpose:


On May 29 to 31, 1954 a group of secretive men met together at the Hotel de Bilderberg in the Netherlands. This was to be the first meeting of what would be known as "The Bilderberg Group". Dr. Joseph H. Retinger (economist, political philosopher, communist Poland's Charge d'Affaires, and a major proponent of a united Europe) along with Prince Bernhard (of Lippe-Biesterfeld) of the Netherlands, Colin Gubbins (former director of the British Special Operations Executive), and Gen. Walter Bedell Smith (former U.S. Ambassador to Moscow and director of the CIA), joined together in 1954 to organize this secretive policy group.

The group has met every year since then in different locations around the world, in hotels surrounded by private security guards, where all patrons are kicked out as soon as the Bilderbergers start arriving. This group has been infiltrated by certain reporters, particularly Jim Tucker. He has been reporting on the group for more than 30 years. He routinely receives early lists of all attendees and their stated agenda. Using this information he has been able to predict whats coming for the world. For example, at their 1991 meeting at the Black Forest resort in Baden Baden, Germany, they discussed plans for a common European currency and European central banking; David Rockefeller said during the meeting:

"We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time magazine, and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years ... It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during these years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supernational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries."

Not too long after this meeting The European Union was created. These men are not merely just getting together to abstractly talk about how they wish the world was. They are shaping our world into one dominated by a handful of men. They are working on the destruction of all nations. Not in some positive, peaceful, we are one kind of way. Something more like, they are gods and we are all one, one giant group of slaves.

On June 3-6 2010, The Bilderberg Group met in Sitges, Spain. It was another meeting of high profile, highly influential elite from around the world. This list includes Bill Gates, who is a huge proponent of sterilization, and population control. On the Agenda for this meeting was:

- The Future of Iran - They discussed the imminent attack on Iran. According to Jim Tucker veteran Bilderberg reporter, there seemed to be a disagreement between the American and Europeans on how to go about this attack. But it is going to happen. Americans are being duped into another war.

- Global Warming - The elite realize that the climate change hoax is being exposed. They are still working towards a world "Department of Energy" which would be a huge step towards the global governance. Global cooling was also discussed.

I hope this has been informative and will also spark your curiosity to look further into the issue. Be wary of the mainstream media. You have to ask yourselves if there is truly nothing sinister about this group, why did mainstream media not even mention it until now? They are trying to speak of the group now in an artificial light. Don't buy into it!!! Do your own research. I recommend checking out Jim Tucker and The American Free Press.

Until next time,