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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Houston, Are You FREE?

Happy New Year, Houston!!! One year ends, another begins. As you celebrate with friends and family the coming months, ask yourself what is it you want this year? As you take joy in the fresh start, a chance to do things different, take notice how much has changed in the past year. The Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 was passed in late 2009/ early 2010, which allows the government to order individuals to buy insurance. Whatever you think about the bill, the fact that it is going to be used to force the citizens of the country to buy a product is a step in the wrong direction.
AS we speak the Food Safety Modernization Act is on its way to be signed by Barack Obama. This bill gives the FDA sweeping powers of the food supply. At the airports the Department of Homeland Security's airport goons, the TSA, is busy groping people at the airport if they refuse to be subject to dangerous ionizing radiation. These practices are headed to bus, and train stations, as well as sporting events and schools, with new behavior predictive technology soon to be put in place. And despite what you think about who Wikileaks may be working for, the actions of Julian Assange and wikileaks are being used as an excuse to censor the Internet, and to further erode civil liberties for whistle blowers and regular citizens alike. Already within the past two years, two separate bills have been introduced which would be the beginning of setting up systems for regulating the Internet. Lastly, in November The Federal Reserve announced Quantitative Easing 2. This policy has countries around the world believing that this could be the early steps of the collapse of the dollar. So much so that a group of economists sent Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke a letter warning of the dangers of this program.

What about Houston? How did we do this year? Well, lets start with the airports. In August of this year Bush Intercontinental Airport received the body scanners. By November both Houston's airports had them, with Hobby Airport getting 4 for its single terminal. Houston decided to get rid of the red light cameras in the November election, but shortly after it was announced that The Department of Homeland Security is going to fund the installation of cameras on every corner of downtown Houston, eventually expanding to the football stadium and other local park areas. The 250 to 300 cameras will work off a system designed over the past 3 years and monitored by HPD 24 hours a day. And then in late December the Houston Police Department was spotted testing drone aircraft. This story ran recently on local news, but I found this article stating that HPD started testing them in 2007 and most likely using them in 2008. For whatever reason Channel 2 re-ran the story recently, as something new, but it seems according to their own reporting this is already happening. We most likely have drones flying silently above us, spying on our every move.

Houston, We have a very big problem.

Still though, we can't forget that this past year more and more people woke up to the secret nature of control that exists in our world. More people are searching for answers and seeing the men behind the curtain who have been hidden for so long. As a group, The Houston Free Thinkers has grown. Both online and through meeting people physically by creating and participating in events with other groups around Houston. We were part of National Opt Out Day, and several events at the Houston Fed, as well as spreading information from Houston to Washington D.C.

So where do we stand Houston?

The 9/11 Truth movement in Houston has largely stalled. What was once a massive group split into two and now splintered into many individuals looking for the next step. WeAreChange Houston seems non existent as well at this point. Houston needs education and direction. The Houston Free Thinkers is a loose network of people from all directions. We don't mean any disrespect to any other activist groups, but instead wish to extend a helping hand for anyone who wishes to be a part of this group or needs help continuing their own.

This war will not be won by one group alone. It is going to take all of us. This is going to be a big year for Houston, America and the entire world. We need people to get involved with this group and every available resource to educate your community on all the dangers we face. We need to communicate and hold meetings. We need to know we are not alone and then discuss ways to educate others and find solutions and take action this year.

Whether its Geo-Engineering, GMO's, Fluoride or other poisons in the water, the destruction of civil liberties, the creation of a police state, or truth about 9/11, we need to destroy the ignorance of our brothers and sisters. We are in a race against the powers that be, a race to educate the masses to the truth before the majority of the population is even further indoctrinated and begins spying on and turning in their neighbors for speaking of such heresy as freedom, and liberty.

Now as you look around our city and see both of our airports with body scanners, cameras going up on every corner of the city, and drones flying high above the city, you have to ask...


- Derrick Broze
Co-Founder of The Houston Free Thinkers

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