Sunday, September 19, 2010

Reigniting The Fire: Back From D.C.

Last weekend a couple members of The Houston Free Thinkers were in Washington D.C. to attend a march and rally, as well as to remember 9/11/01. We were able to initiate contact with other like minded individuals and run into some of the opposition.

First off as soon as we made it to the Houston Hobby Airport we began distributing flyer's and pamphlets regarding the Body Scanner machines being installed around the country, as well as Fluoride Flyer's, and general information about the group itself. We were able to distribute these in Houston, Dallas, and D.C.'s Airports. Not to mention every subway stop and newspaper box we could. By searching online it’s rather easy to find out where these machines are exactly, the terminals and check points.

Currently they are mainly in the international terminals. We located them at all the airports and in Dallas, I personally went back through the checkpoint to get in line for the machines. There were no posted signs acknowledging these machines were optional and they were directing everyone through them. I handed out pamphlets in line and advised people not to go through them. Before I had my chance to cause a scene and refuse the machine, they began directing everyone through the metal detector. If you are interested in learning more about the privacy concerns from these machines check out EPIC (the Electronic Privacy Information Center) and for the cancer risks check here.

Once in to the Washington D.C., Virginia, and Maryland area we noticed it seems to be a high target area for Chemtrails. There still seems to be controversy over whether Chemtrails exist and what they are. For now the government is in denial mode, but we can say for sure what we saw was not your regular plane flying over head and leaving a little insignificant trail.

These were consistent throughout the day, a small white plane flying over head and leaving trails that lasted throughout the day. If you do not know much about Chemtrails i suggest you start by researching Morgellon's Disease.

We stopped off briefly at The Pentagon Memorial. Although you are not allowed to take pictures of the pentagon at all we were able to snap a picture of the wall where something hit that horrible day.

Next we headed to the Washington Monument to meet up with everyone at this rally and march organized by 20 different organizations under the banner Unite in Action. There were about 500 or more people. We began to walk down from the monument towards the end of the National Mall. We gathered up there and then began the march back. When the march finished and the rally began we started to notice an overwhelmingly establishment, cliché phrase spouting feel. We looked around and realized that the majority of people were from various versions of The Tea Party.

We do not particularly have a problem with that, The Tea Party initially seemed like a possible contender for a peaceful revolution within the system, but as for what it is now were not sure. But Within the march we did meet some very interesting, informed people who not only see the obvious problems with the government but were also seeing past the false left right paradigm that has been created to give us the illusion of change. We met Bruce Nyznik, an independent filmmaker who is currently filming for his documentary, One Nation Under Fraud. He filmed the two of us and also gave us a short clip of his thoughts on what is happening in our country and around the world. Please check our YouTube to see that.

After this we decided it was time to move on, and as we began to leave we ran into members of D.C. 9/11 Truth, and We Are Change Maryland, making their way towards the march!! We introduced ourselves and joined forces, carrying signs and banners, across the field where the march was happening. We were not on the field for more than a minute or two when we were mobbed by a group of angry Tea Partiers, and local police. The Sons Of Liberty came to our aid though, they were all very cool dudes.

We were told we had to move off the field, and away from the rally (which the two of us had just left) as long as were holding a counter protest, or carrying any signs that could be perceived as “counter”. Perceived according to whom I am not sure. We continued on our way around the perimeter of the rally carrying signs, and answering questions to the occasional curious person. After this we headed towards the D.C. Federal Reserve and snapped this picture.

From there we made our way to The White House where we reconvened with a couple members of D.C. Truth that were still around. We found ourselves in the middle of a heated but peaceful debate. We were slowly finding ourselves surrounded by cops, and someone watching us from atop the White House.

There were many calls throughout the day of “Anti-American”, “Pro-Terrorist”, and the like. There were also “thank yous” and appreciation. The Most disturbing element of talking with the average person was the fact that when questioned if they have ever researched 9/11/01 for themselves their answer is usually something along the lines of – “I don’t need to!”, “There is no one above the government”, “The Government would never lie…”, etc. Some people have been so brainwashed by the corporate media and the establishment that questioning 9/11 has become taboo and anyone who does is a nut. Anyone willing to take the time to give themselves a history lesson can see that governments around the world, especially The United States, have a history of atrocities.

The Houston Free Thinkers reinforces the idea of approaching everyone with love, education, and tolerance. Whether they see what those of us who have taken the time to research, it is important to never shout the truth, or force it down some ones throat. What we are fighting for is for everyone to have the right to do what they want, including be ignorant.

Overall, the trip was well worth the time and effort. Houston, we are not alone. There are many educated, like minded, individuals around the country who see what’s happening behind the scenes. It is time for us to decide where we stand as a group and a city. We need to join forces with all the groups, collectives, and individuals, and educate ourselves, those around us, and seek new solutions. Check our new Flickr, and YouTube pages for more pictures and videos. Thanks again to D.C. Truth, We Are Change Maryland, Matthew Fiala, Bruce Nyznik, The Sons Of Liberty and all the other helpful people we met.

Thank You,

- Derrick Broze/ Ciana Ewing
Co – Founders of The Houston Free Thinkers