Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Weekly Meetings

Hello All,
Welcome back!! The Houston Free Thinkers online membership has been growing, but as of yet physical membership is still low. We have so far held 2 meetings which have gone very well. At this point we are working on a mission statement for the group, and also working on screening the short film, "Money As Debt". A couple months down the line we are looking to hold a sizeable protest at The Houston branch of The Federal Reserve. We are also working on an anti-fluoride campaign around Houston, as well as getting close to distributing dvds on the streets.

This group is going to continue forth with education, and awareness, and our message of hope,and providing solutions for alternative ways to live. We will do this with 2 members or 200. The ardous journey we are now facing is discouraging at times, and empowering at others.

AS long as there are groups of people seeking to manipulate the rest of us for their benefit, there will be Free Thinkers. There will be those of us who want freedom and choice, and peace. So rest assured, Houston, The Free Thinkers are here to stay. So please send us an email if youre interested in joining the mailing list. Its the best way to keep up with what we are doing. TheHoustonfreethinkers@yahoogroups.com

Remember this is an information war. Knowledge is power, and Free Thinkers ARE Dangerous.